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Goshen Education Foundation

Teacher Grant Application

Teacher Grant Application

The purpose of the Goshen Education Foundation shall be to support and enhance the educational experience, including extracurricular and academic activities of Goshen Local School’s students and staff. Any staff member desiring to submit an application to the Goshen Education Foundation Grant should adhere to the following guidelines and instructions:

Guidelines for Submission

The proposed activity:

  • Shall promote the overall goals and mission of the Goshen Local School District and the Goshen Education Foundation’s overall purpose.

  • Shall reflect community values.

  • Shall meet the principal’s approval if building specific

  • Shall not discriminate against any student or group of students

  • Shall not compete with or diminish any existing program.

  • Shall not exceed $500

Timeline for submission:

  • Request shall be submitted by June 30 to be awarded in August

  • Request shall be submitted by December 31 to be awarded in February

Application Procedure

1. Application

Complete an application and submit to building principal for approval. Once signed by building principal application can be scanned and emailed to GoshenEducationFoundation@gmail.com.

2. Review/Approval

Applications will be reviewed by the Goshen Education Foundation Board of Trustees and funded based on benefit to students. Notice of approval and the amount to be funded will be communicated by the building principal to the applicant. **Please note: Amount of funds dispersed and number of projects funded will vary and be based on available funds and number of applications.

3. Check Request

Staff who have their projects approved must request funds from the Goshen Education Foundation Board of Trustees. Staff should be prepared to provide the amount, to whom the check shall be made, and the project name.

4. Follow-up

Upon completion of the project, the staff much submit a follow-up report to the building principal within two weeks of the activity date. The principal shall forward the follow-up report to the Goshen Education Foundation Board of Trustees.

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